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The aim: to save humanity from impending abrupt climate change.

The idea: to use love, empathy, human connection and intelligence to support each other in learning about, facing up to and coping emotionally with climate reality, and then to work together in small groups to act on this new knowledge.

The hope: that the idea will allow each person to help a number of people they personally know face climate reality and then each of those people will do the same. As the number of people grows the levels of action will grow and facing climate reality will become easier as it becomes more common. The levels of action will grow to a point where we are succeeding in solving the problem of abrupt climate change. We can then, finally, all stop worrying about it so much and spend more of our time really enjoying doing things again.

Climate reality: what each of avoids looking further into because it is too hard to face, and because everyone around us is avoiding looking too. No one person or website can ever fully define climate reality and so this website will not attempt to do that. Most of the information we receive through the mainstream media allows us to continue to think climate change is a longer term problem. Most of the politicians, journalists, writers, scientists are like the average person and so are dealing with this in the same, normal way as everyone else – avoiding looking at this properly because it is too scary. Climate reality is a personal thing – it will just be what you find when you are helped by others to have the courage to look at what is happening and what is likely to happen in the short term future.

The Actions: the things you as an individual choose to do once you have come to terms with climate reality. Ideally you would do these things with the help and support of the other people you know who have also faced climate reality. More details: [todo: add link to Actions page here]

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