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Once you have faced climate reality you, and possibly the group of people you know, can decide what actions to take.

You may decide you don’t want to do anything, and that is a choice that should be respected.

Once you have faced climate reality, then feeling empowered and doing things as a group will help a lot with the emotions involved in facing the situation.

Conventionally, suggested actions have been limited to things like reducing your carbon footprint and writing to your MP. These are brilliant things to do and will have a good impact. Once you have changed your behaviour to reduce your carbon footprint and fired off that email to your MP, this unfortunately leaves you with not much else to actually do with your spare time.

Each person has a unique situation, unique skills and a unique way of tackling problems, and so you and your group should work to come up with a list of Actions that would suit you.

The following actions are ones that anyone can do, no matter what their skills or situation:-

  • spend time helping friends and acquaintances learn about, cope with and act on climate change.
  • spend time, with the support of other courageous people, looking more deeply into what is going on and what is likely to happen going forward. This work takes effort, time and courage – the information is not as easily accessible as you would expect. Then help create, publish and publicise summaries of this information that can be easily understood by people like yourself (with links to more detailed information).

Even if you feel the difference you can make may seem small – due to lack of time, energy, money – by helping others to learn about, cope with and pass on this information you will be helping it reach more people. Many of the people it reaches because of you will have:-

  • enough spare time or money to do a significant amount of work that could make a very big difference.
  • have skills that they could apply to work on problems directly connected with helping prevent further damage to the climate or helping to repair it if necessary.

Greta Thunberg felt powerless and so did the only thing should could think of – miss school and go and protest on her own in front of her parliament. She set in motion an idea, a way of acting. You can do the same, no matter how little time, money or emotional energy you have. You can make a difference.

Other actions:-

  • Get involved in Extinction Rebellion or help with any of the other amazing climate related organisations [todo: add list here]
  • Help fund raise for things being done in climate change you think should have more support.
  • Help improve/develop the idea on this site, by coping it and modifying/improving the Other Elements (you should not change the Core Elements) [todo: clearly separate and define the Core Elements and the Other Elements]
  • Work on helping the government or local authorities or other groups do the necessary things to adapt to climate change.
  • Work on helping people around the world who are already suffering from the effects of climate change. You may need their help in the future.
  • If you have any skills e.g. technology, engineering, science – get involved or set up projects that could directly help with emissions reductions or climate repair.
  • Come up with your own ideas for Actions and send them to me using the contact form on the front page, and I can add them to this list.

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