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But I Already Know “Climate Reality”!

Until early 2019 I too thought I knew what climate reality was. As someone who read about 7 books on climate change 10 years ago and then started working on my spare time in various climate change projects since then, I thought I knew and so I thought I didn’t need to look into how things were progressing.

I’m not going to tell you what climate reality is, that is something you will need support in doing, and the rest of this website is about how best to get that support. Every person’s climate reality is personal and depends on the information they have looked at and how they have absorbed that information. As I explain further down after the quiz, I advise that you do not look up the answers to to these questions now – just allow yourself to consider whether you know the answers.

The following quiz should help you assess whether you already know climate reality:-

(1) Is climate change high on your list of general life concerns?

(2) Do you know enough about climate change to make a good assessment of how urgent it is?

(3) If climate change is high on your list of concerns, how much research into it have you done on the internet?

(4) Did you know that the Arctic ice sheet has been melting for the last 40 years?

(5) Do you know roughly what percentage of the summertime Arctic sea ice volume (when it is at its lowest level) is now left after 40 years of melting?

(6) Do you know whether the speed of melting is getting faster, slower or staying the same, and whether it is likely to speed up in the coming years?

(7) Do you know how positive feedback loops work and how they could cause Abrupt Climate Change?

(8) Do you know in how many years, roughly, all of the summer arctic ice is likely to be gone?

(9) Do you know what effects the dwindling ice is already having on world rain, weather, temperature and our ability to grow crops?

(10) Do you know what effect zero summer ice in the arctic will have on world rain, weather, temperature and our ability to grow crops?

(11) Do you know whether the IPCC reports on climate change, which governments and the media use as the main source of information, use computer models which include the positive feedback loops which scientists know could cause Abrupt Climate Change?

If you don’t know the answers to most of these questions, even rough answers, then you should ask yourself why not. Why have you not been told this critical information that effects every human and their future on this planet? Why have you not sought out the answers to these questions? The answer is complex, and is discussed on the rest of this site – it is strongly related to human emotions, psychology, politics and social behaviour. Not knowing the answers to these questions is normal, and not knowing them is the way we humans have managed to emotionally cope recently – by maintaining our own more optimistic version of climate reality that is not linked to the real, changing world out there.

Now – ask yourself again, honestly:-

(11) Do you really know the reality of climate change?

As I said at the start of this page, I advise you to read the rest of this site and look into getting the emotional support and the toolkit of helpful ways of dealing with the answers before looking further into the answers to the above and other information on climate change.

As we all know from researching illnesses etc on the internet, the brain does not cope well with an overload of negative information and is not good at making an accurate assessment of risk when it is overloaded with multiple sources of negative information. Suddenly going overboard looking at climate information, especially alone, is not a good idea.

One note: If or when you come to look into the answers to these questions, you will find it surprisingly hard to get good information from credible sources on these things. That is one part of climate reality.

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