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My Personal Journey To Climate Reality

This is just a quick summary (will add more later), but I spent years working in my spare time on climate change, with a strong background anxiety that I think affected lots of aspects of my life. My work, my relationship, my emotions and my psychological state.

Only in early 2019 did I look again at what was happening to the climate and start to understand how much had changed.

In mid 2019 I realised just how bad it is, but worse: I realised just how little anyone understood or was talking about how bad it is. I then started to dig deeper, talking to climate activists, politicians, investors. I discovered a huge range of denial and delusion, and a feeling that no one really had a good idea about how to tackle this.

My feeling during this time were of a lot of anxiety, and psychological strain. The difference between the reality in my head that I was realising and the “reality” that everyone around me was living in was widening. This creates feeling in the brain that are very hard to cope with. The saying “It’s not me that’s mad, it’s the rest of the world” kept popping into my head.

I worked out a number of techniques for dealing with this, and with the anxiety [todo: add link to Coping Techniques page here].

Now that I have worked out what I think needs doing on this site, and have started doing it, I feel a lot calmer and even hopeful. The techniques that I have developed and the way of protecting myself from getting over anxious have all helped as well. I am still pretty much alone in this, so hopefully by the time people are reading this there will be more people involved and so loneliness will not be an aspect that has to be faced any more. 🙂

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