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The Idea Is Not Fixed

This page is about how the idea can change according to how well it does at helping people face climate reality and act on it. This website it just the start, a nudge in the a certain direction.

The idea will consist of two things:-

  • The core elements – this includes the simplest description of the idea and it’s core principles and should never be changed.
  • The other elements – these include all the details about how it could be used etc. and should be copied and changed according to the person using it.

[todo – get the idea open sourced so that people are allowed to copy and change it, with the only conditions that they include a link to this original site, they do not change the core idea, but they can make any changes that work for them to the remainder]

The other elements will help some people and not others. It will depend your circumstances, your culture, your values. The idea is that this website would be copied and the core elements must remain the same but the other elements are modified based on learning and the situation. That way the speed at which people face up to climate reality is not limited by how well thought out this website it is. It is only limited by the intelligence and imagination of all the 8 billion people on this planet.

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